Clothes for the Cause

Bring bags to Katia in the front office:

November 4th- 15th, 2019


Students get one hour of community service per bag!!



Paired Shoes

Gloves, Belts, Hats


Backpacks, Soft Lunch Boxes, Duffle Bags


Fabric Placemats, Napkins, Tablecloths

Purses, Totes

Stuffed Animals





*All items must be kept dry, so please put them in tightly tied plastic trash bags.


**We cannot take bedding, glass, breakables, electronics, pet beds, bed pillows, uniforms, carpeting, hotel linens, or items that have been previously for sale at a thrift store. 


***If you have any questions, please contact your Event Planner Buckley- 714-215-8068