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High School Courses

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Virtual Classes

Guidance/Orientation Algebra 1A Art Appreciation
Language Arts 1 Algebra 1B Careers-ASCP
Language Arts 2 Algebra 1 Computer Applications
Language Arts 3 Geometry Ethnic Studies
Language Arts 4 Algebra 2 Health
World History Life Science Media Literacy
U.S. History Earth Science Music Appreciation
Government Physical Science Personal Finance
Economics   Sociology


Textbook Classes

General Math Art Fundamentals  Foods
Business Math Art Appreciation  Home Economics
Recordkeeping Business Fundamentals Journalism
  Business Law Modern Literature
World History  California History Psychology
US History Contemporary World Affairs  
Government Driver Education  


Full High School Course List 

Concurrent Form for High School 
Please fill concurrent form email it or bring it to BVVA office to approve it. Then you take it to your home school and request your classes. (1 or 2 classes)