Independent Pathway

Buena Vista's Independent Pathway is an excellent alternative for learners looking for a non-traditional way to complete high school. The pathway is designed to allow students the flexibility and personalization to be successful. Students communicate with teachers via virtual tools. Features of the program include...
  • Intense Focus: Students work on one course at a time, finishing each course in four weeks.
  • Weekly Attendance: Students work independently throughout the week and meet virtually with their teacher once weekly.
  • Individual Attention: Students meet with teachers individually.
  • Support: Virtual office hours available for student support.
  • Concurrent Enrollment: Students may be enrolled in up to two courses at their high school of residence. This includes sports and arts! 
  • Credit Recovery:  Students who are behind in credits may earn the credits they need through concurrent enrollment in courses at their high school, independent physical education or community service.
  • Curriculum:  Apex Learning courses offer rigorous and engaging learning experiences for students.
  • Setting: Our Independent Pathway classroom features flexible and alternative seating including traditional tables, high tables and an armchair area. This setting allows students to make themselves comfortable if they choose to come into school.
  • Subject Area Experts: Students work with expert highly qualified teachers in each of their BVVA courses.