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Middle School Program (6-8) FAQs


What does the Buena Vista Virtual Academy Middle School Program look like for 6th-8th graders?

BVVA staff utilizes Apex online curriculum to deliver engaging and rigorous courses to students in grades 6, 7 and 8. Students will meet with PYLUSD credentialed teachers at least twice per week. Watch this video to find out more!

Does my student need to attend in person?

No, students at Buena Vista Virtual Academy will not be required to participate in regular attendance at the school site.  However, daily office hours will be available via zoom for your student to attend if they need support. Students and parents will be required to attend annual enrollment meetings and state testing. Enrollment meetings may be virtual.

Can my student return to a traditional school?

Yes, we recommend students who choose to return to traditional schools do so at a quarter or semester to help ensure continuity of coursework.

Where will the school be located?

The Middle School program, serving 6th, 7th and 8th-grade students will be located at 4999 Casa Loma in Yorba Linda. However, students may choose to participate 100% online.

How do I enroll my child?

See our Admissions page for 6-8 and information on enrollment.

Who assigns the grades?

Teachers at BVVA grade assignments and offer feedback to students.  Teachers also assign end of course grades based on student performance on assigned learning activities and assessments.

What is the parent’s role?

Unlike homeschooling, parents are not teachers at BVVA but they do have an important role in their student’s education. Parents should help their students create a quiet space for work as well as protect time to complete their work.  Parents are learning partners and help ensure students are on task and keeping up with their daily work.  This assistance with time management is especially important for middle school students.

What are the teachers' roles at BVVA?

  • Supervising Teacher: Each student at BVVA is assigned a supervising teacher.  This teacher is the general go-to for student/parent general questions meets with students weekly to ensure progress toward course completion.  
  • Subject Area Specialists: Students may see subject area experts when they attend their weekly appointments. These teachers support students’ online work. Weekly appointments may be virtual or in-person.
  • Middle School Support Teacher: This teacher is a middle school specialist. She meets with students weekly to support planning, time management, and content comprehension. 
  • Parent: Assists students with self-management and time-management on a daily basis.

How much time should my student spend on their BVVA work each day?

Students should plan to spend approximately 20 hours per week or four hours per day on their school work. There is a great deal of flexibility in BVVA. This work can be broken up in many different ways to suit your student’s needs. We recommend that the students distribute learning across multiple days and break up the work into manageable chunks to maximize learning and retention.   


Can my student attend part-time at a traditional school while attending BVVA (concurrent enrollment)?

Students at BVVA may take up to two courses at their school of residence concurrently (at the same time) they are full-time students at BVVA. (concurrent form attached at the end of this page)

Can my student take art or music classes? 

BVVA does not currently offer performing arts classes, but we do offer visual art courses for 6th, 7th or 8th-grade students.  Middle School students can take music or other performing arts as concurrent classes at their school of residence.


Is Foreign Language an Option?

BVVA does not offer this at this time, however, students are eligible to take Foreign Language courses concurrently at their school of residence.

What if my student needs support over and above the meeting with their Supervising Teacher and the Middle School Support Teacher?

Support from subject area specialists is available on campus, via email or by appointment.  Appointments may be virtual or in person.  If students need a quiet place to work, the BVVA classroom is available daily during specified office hours.

Can my student with an IEP or 504 attend BVVA? 

Students with active IEPs must be placed at BVVA via the IEP team. The team must discuss and determine that online/independent learning is an appropriate setting for the student. Likewise, students with 504s should discuss their needs with their School Counselor and 504 team to ensure BVVA would be an appropriate setting.

If I choose to enroll at Buena Vista Virtual Academy, do I lose my home school spot or choice transfer agreement?
No. If you decide to participate in a PYLUSD online or homeschool program for Fall 2020, you will not lose your spot at your home school of residence or your school of choice if you are on a transfer agreement. However, if you dis-enroll with PYLUSD to attend another school in a district, you may lose your transfer agreement.

Can my student accelerate or advance at BVVA?

Yes, BVVA primarily offers pathways for advancement in Math at this time. Students must have counselor approval to accelerate and keep scores about 80% in the advanced class.

Does BVVA offer Honors courses?

No, at this time BVVA does not offer honors courses.  Online/independent classes are personalized to meet the needs of each student.

Physical Education

Students at BVVA complete Physical Education through independent study.  They complete written exercises and also keep a log of their physical activity.