A Message for LEHS Students and Families

Good Morning LEHS Students and Families,


I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy.  This is a difficult time and we are aware that it is stressful for everyone in the family. As you may know, the PYLUSD has just extended the date of closure of physical school sites through April 24, 2020.  


The good news for us is that our students already have academic programs which are accessible from home.  Many of our courses are offered through the Apex Learning System. Students working on these courses should simply continue to work at home.  We are working on a way to remotely proctor Unit Exams. Until that time, teachers can authorize students to move on to the next Unit. Student progress through the course should not be impeded by the need to proctor exams. With a few exceptions, students who are presently working on book and paper courses will likely need to move to online courses.  Some students may finish the book and paper course they are working on, while others may need to put that course on hold and move to an online course next week. Students should feel secure in the knowledge that they will receive credit for the work they have done up to this time. Even if we have to put a course on hold, students will receive credit for the portion of the class they have completed before the end of the semester. If you need a chromebook to work at home, please let your teacher know. 


During this time of closure, LEHS will need to change the format of our weekly teacher meetings.  Teachers will be reaching out to students within the next few days to set up Google Hangouts or Zoom meetings in place of face to face meetings. It is our hope that through these check-ins our teachers will be able to assist students in staying on track to finish the current school year.  We also encourage students to email teachers whenever they have questions or require any assistance. 


Staff Email Addresses

Mrs. Hudson: ehudson@pylusd.org

Mrs. Peck: kpeck@pylusd.org

Mr. Sobschak: dsobschak@pylusd.org

Mrs. Leon: dleon@pylusd.org


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