Letter from the Director: Fall Placement

Dear Parents,

Many of you are making very difficult decisions about where to place your student when school starts in the fall. As you are probably aware, PYLUSD schools have announced that all schools will be in distance learning mode in the fall. As a result, we have received many questions regarding the difference between BVVA and what the traditional schools will be providing. The most substantial difference is that BVVA will be online all year and every year.  If you believe that you would like your student to transition back to in person instruction when that option becomes available, please enroll your student in their traditional school of attendance.  All PYLUSD teachers will be receiving additional training and tools this fall to provide this instruction at traditional schools.  Students will have bell schedules and a large part of their days will be spent in live daily instruction. If you believe you would like to have your student enrolled in online school all year, BVVA would be an excellent placement. BVVA elementary teachers will use the PYLUSD curriculum to create thematic units and will interact with students in large and small groups daily. As students get older there will be less live interaction, as we gradually release students to complete more of their learning independently. BVVA Middle School and High School teachers will utilize the Apex Learning Management System to deliver high quality engaging courses. I know that this is a difficult decision.  From my perspective as an educator and a parent, I would not advocate for intentionally moving students from one school to another mid-year, even if those schools are both online or in distance learning as the traditional schools are now.  As much as we try to make transitions smooth, there are always bumps in the road for students when they transfer. Of course, if you find mid-year that your student needs to move from one option to another (traditional to BVVA or BVVA to traditional) we will facilitate that transfer.


Best Regards,


Carrie Bisgard

PYLUSD Director of Instructional Support