BVVA Graduation Update

March 25, 2021

Good Afternoon BVVA 8th and 12th Grade Families,

Yesterday you received an email from Dr. Linda Adamson, Assistant Superintendent, regarding plans for graduation and promotion ceremonies in PYLUSD.  I wanted to follow up with you and give some specifics about what we are planning here at BVVA.  As we are a K-12 school, we will have both eighth-grade students to promote as well as high school students receiving their diplomas at our ceremony. In addition, since we are a smaller school than the traditional high schools and middle schools, we will likely have a much smaller number of people attending.  If all students choose to attend the graduation/promotion ceremony we would have around 75-85 students on the field.  I mention this because for some families, the size of the group may determine their decision regarding participation. 

I have outlined below our plans at this time.  As we are able to be more specific, we will release additional information. Please keep in mind that health and safety protocols and guidelines from the state are changing quickly at this time. Final guidance about the number of spectators allowed will be issued by the district at the end of April. For Seniors, if you are not comfortable participating in the in-person ceremony, there will be a smaller drive-up opportunity offered later the week of graduation at the PYLUSD District Office. For planning purposes, we ask that you complete this very brief Google Form to let us know whether you are interested in attending in person at Shapell, a drive-up option or if you are opting out of participating in Graduation and Promotion altogether.

Buena Vista Virtual Academy Graduation and Promotion

Location:  Nathan Shapell Memorial Stadium at Yorba Linda High School

Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Time: 6:00 pm

Mandatory Ceremony Practice: June 15, 2021, at 8:30 am


  • Both Seniors and Eighth graders will be seated on the field/grass at Shapell Stadium.  
  • Masks, physical distancing, and all safety protocols will be required

High School, Senior Graduates will 

  • Wear caps and gowns:  We are ordering caps and gowns for all Seniors in order to allow any student who would like to participate in the ceremony will have one available to borrow.
  • Be seated in the front
  • Walk across the stage to receive their diploma
  • 1-2 Graduates will be selected to speak at graduation (Email if you are interested in speaking.)

Middle School, Eighth Grade students will

  • Dress Up - See below for guidelines
  • Be seated behind the Senior graduates
  • Walk across the stage to receive their certificate of promotion

Attire for Eighth Graders: Eight grade students do not need to wear formal attire but should dress appropriately for the occasion and weather. Think “business casual” or an outfit you might wear to a special event. Remember it will be warm on the field! We trust your judgment, but here are a few guidelines that might be helpful.

  • Slacks or skirts, collared shirts, etc. are encouraged
  • Ties are not required, but feel free to wear one if you like
  • Jeans without rips are tears are acceptable
  • Please avoid clothing with tears or rips
  • Please avoid strapless tops or dresses as well as low necklines
  • Please avoid shorts