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Anh Nguyen

High School Counselor

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March 2nd– deadline to submit FAFSA & Cal Grant application

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California Proficiency Program (CPP).
California's High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) tests have been replaced by the California Proficiency Examination (CPP). The new CPP measures proficiency in language arts and mathematics using subtests from the State Board of Education approved GED® or HiSET® high school equivalency vendors. Test results from the previous CHSPE test will not be considered for the new CPP. You can now register for the California Proficiency Program (CPP). To sign up, please visit the HiSET-Proficiency registration page.
After passing the language arts and mathematics subtests of the proficiency program, the student will earn a State Board of Education-issued Certificate of Proficiency which is the legal equivalent to a high school diploma issued by the state of California. After passing the CPP, the student may choose to remain in high school or exit with a parent or guardian’s permission to begin attending higher education or their career.