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Dress Code

Student clothing must be appropriate for educational endeavors.  Clothing must be neat, clean, in good repair, and provide proper body covering.

The following clothing is considered inappropriate and is not to be worn to school:

  • Clothing, including hats, jewelry, or accessories associated with alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, obscenity, bigotry or violence.
  • Short shorts, bare-midriff tops, beach attire, low necklines, low back lines, shoulder-less garments, PJ’s, slippers, or any clothing normally worn as underwear.
  • Outer clothing must completely cover underclothes.


Cell Phone Policy

  • Students may bring cell phones to school.
  • Cell phones must be on silent and not visible.
  • Cell phone use in the classroom may result in a failing grade on a test or other assignment which the student is working on.

I.D. Cards

Student photo will be taken upon enrollment and an ID card will be issued to the student. The ID card may be needed in order to attend concurrent courses or school activities at the student’s home comprehensive high school. Student will be charged $5 to replace lost or stolen cards.

Student Computer Use

To be given network and internet access through the district, all students are required to sign the Student Network/Internet Acceptable Use Agreement form. PYLUSD does recognize and supports each family’s right to decide to apply for Network/Internet access. Students who do not sign the agreement will not be given access to computers that are on the district network. Buena Vista Virtual Academy students will use school computers for educational purposes (i.e. research, word processing, presentations, etc.). Students are not permitted to use school computers for chat or personal use of the Internet.

Community Service

All Buena Vista Virtual Academy students are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service as a graduation requirement.  You can download the Community Service verification form here:

Graduation Ceremony

Each June, Buena Vista Virtual Academy holds a formal ceremony for its graduating seniors. Caps and gowns can be purchased through the BVVA office in early spring.

Participation in Activities at Other High Schools

Buena Vista Virtual Academy students wanting to attend activities and events at other high schools as guests (i.e. prom) must be in good standing in academics and behavior and must not have any outstanding debts for books or materials. The activities approval form may be picked up in the Activities office of the school where the event is being held and approved by the BVVA principal in consultation with your supervising teacher.  A Buena Vista I.D. card may be needed for admission into the event. See the school secretary for a new or duplicate ID card.