Accelerate: Early College Pathway



What is ACCELERATE? ACCELERATE is Buena Vista Virtual Academy's early access college program.  This pathway is specifically designed for students interested in completing college courses while still enrolled in high school. BVVA has partnered with Fullerton College to provide this early access to college. 


How many college credits can I earn in this pathway?

Students who begin in 11th grade have the opportunity to complete their Freshman year in college. Students may still begin the pathway in 12th grade and get a head start on college with the opportunity to earn 15-20 college units.


How much does it cost?

BVVA is a free public high school and is part of the distinguished Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. Tuition to Fullerton College is free for BVVA students. Students may need to purchase textbooks for some Fullerton College courses. The price of books varies and many can be found used online for a reduced fee.


When will it be available?

We are currently pre-enrolling students interested in this pathway for the 2020-2021 school year!


Who can enroll?

ACCELERATE is open to students in the 11th and 12th grades.  Students may pre-enroll in 10th grade for their 11th-grade start.


Where can I get more information?

Call 714-985-8621 for more information on the ACCELERATE pathway or on any of BVVA's pathways and programs.


Can students graduate early on the ACCELERATE pathway?

Although early completion is not the goal of this pathway, some students may complete their high school credits before June of their Senior year.


Could I be a good candidate for ACCELERATE?

You do not need to have straight A’s to be eligible for this pathway.  It is designed for the “middle” student who would like to take charge of their education.  If you have good attendance, are currently taking college prep classes earning at least C’s you are a candidate.  


What is the difference between Fullerton College classes and AP Classes?

At the end of an AP Class, students must take the AP test for that course/subject.  Students who do not perform well enough on an AP test are not eligible for AP credit.  Even if a student gets an excellent score on the AP test, it is up to the University to decide whether credit for that course will be accepted.  By contrast, Fullerton College classes are entered onto a Fullerton College transcript. Students can then enroll in Fullerton College to complete their Associate’s Degree (AA) or they can take their college transcript to another college or university.


How much will it cost to finish my AA at FC?

Through an agreement called the “pledge”, Fullerton College is now granting all PYLUSD students free tuition for TWO years after they graduate from high school. So, in addition to the courses, you complete while enrolled at BVVA, you will get two more tuition-free years after you graduate!


Do all colleges accept Fullerton College credits?

If you decide not to get your AA from Fullerton College and would like to take the courses to another school after your BVVA graduation, you should focus on what Fullerton College calls “igetse” classes.  These classes are fully transferable to Cal-State and University of California schools. Although private schools make their own rules about which courses they accept, most do accept community college credits.


Is it difficult to get into the Fullerton College classes?

Through our partnership with Fullerton College, BVVA students will have access to a Fullerton College Counselor and reserved seats in some Fullerton College courses.


If you take a Fullerton College class, will it go on your high school transcript?

Yes, you can have Fullerton College classes added to your high school transcript. BVVA will accept up to 40 credits of Fullerton College classes for high school elective credit. Although BVVA will apply for these credits as electives, these classes may be used in fulfillment of the Cal-State/UC a-g requirements including lab science and foreign language.


What would my schedule look like at ACCELERATE?

Each student’s schedule will vary. Students typically attend classes at Fullerton College four days per week and attend BVVA the other remaining day in the week. Students work on BVVA independent study courses one at a time, finishing each course in four weeks. 


What if I want to start early (10th grade) or complete MORE than my Freshman year of college?

Students may enroll in Fullerton College courses offered on BVVA's campus or other PYLUSD campuses in their 10th-grade year.  They may also enroll in Fullerton College courses over winter inter-sessions or summer sessions to boost the number of credits earned. Students who have done this in the past have been able to maximize their time. Some have even earned their Associate Degree by the time they graduate from High School.


What is the difference between this pathway and just taking a couple of Fullerton College classes at my traditional high school?

The ACCELERATE pathway offers more flexibility and choice for students. Fullerton College courses offered on traditional high school campuses are limited and typically count for college electives.   This ACCELERATE pathway allows students to enroll in core college requirements such as Math, English, Science. This allows students to earn all requirements for completion of their Freshman year. ACCELERATE students may also participate in a technical certificate program. 


For more information, please call the BVVA office at 714-986-7026.