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Google Apps for Education

It is a goal of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District to promote the use of technology by staff and students in order to enhance student learning and engagement. To that end, the PYLUSD instructional staff has made Google Apps for Education available to our students in order to help them keep classes organized, improve communication with their teachers and fellow students, and enhance student collaboration.

Each student will be provided their own individual account, but with significant restrictions in order to maintain student safety. These accounts are the property of the school district. Student use of these accounts falls under the District Electronic Acceptable Use Policy which governs student electronic use during the school year.  No student is asked to provide personal information as part of their use.

Below are some specific details relative to the use of these accounts:

  1. Teachers will guide the instructional use of Google Apps for Education.
  2. Students may communicate and collaborate with other students and staff. Email can only be sent and received from other addresses.
  3. The student Electronic Acceptable Use Policy applies to the use of these accounts and all other electronic resources the student uses during their academic career.
  4. While the PYLUSD strives to engage students and reinforce positive behavior, improper use of any school resource is treated as a disciple issue in accordance with Education Code and School Board policy.
  5. The username and email address for students is their [email protected]. These correspond with student computer accounts used to log in to school computers. The password for this account is the student’s six digit birthday (mmddyy).
  6. As part of the initial account login process, students must accept Google’s Terms of Service by checking a box. You can read the Google Terms of Service here.  

Our teachers are excited about the abundance of new and innovative tools the addition of these accounts will provide, including Google email, presentations, websites, blogs, maps, news, books, translation and much more.  In addition, our school has added ChromeBooks to our campus to allow teachers a greater opportunity to integrate technology into their instruction.